Platform Partner Spotlight: Mass Relevance and Crimson Hexagon

Monday, 7 November 2011

Brands, publishers, and TV networks often work with Twitter ecosystem companies to design and build great Twitter experiences for their users and viewers. Two of our most well-known platform partners - Mass Relevance and Crimson Hexagon - deliver impressive results for many brands and publishers. They are the most recent ecosystem companies Twitter has established formal partnerships with in order to help brands and media companies more easily deliver compelling Twitter integrations to their users. Expect to see additional partnerships of this kind as we look for new ways to help everyone get the best out of Twitter.

Mass Relevance is the first of several partners officially licensed to re-syndicate Twitter content for display. They help you display relevant Tweets on a website, on air, or in a real-world venue. First, a real-time curation and moderation platform helps you identify the most relevant Tweets; then, clear, useful visualizations bring those Tweets to browsers and TV screens. Mass Relevance powered the Twitter integration in NBC’s The Voice, and we’ve worked closely with the company ourselves on joint projects like the White House’s recent Twitter Town Hall. For more on Mass Relevance, visit their site.

In a world of 250 million Tweets a day (and growing), Crimson Hexagon helps answer an important question: What does it all mean? The company’s platform extracts meaning from the sprawling body of Tweets about a brand, a TV show, an event, or a news story, providing you with subtle insights into how Twitter users are thinking, feeling, and reacting. Crimson Hexagon powered the Twitter analysis in CNN’s 2010 election coverage and Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address. For more on Crimson Hexagon, visit their site.