Tweets and Buttons

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Today we’re launching a new version of Twitter that makes it even easier to stay close to everything that interests you. We’re also excited to introduce new tools that bring Tweets to your website, and new ways to share with our Tweet buttons.

Embedding a Tweet

Every Tweet has a story that’s more than just 140 characters. It has an author, mentions @people and #topics, contains media, and has actions you can use to share or join the conversation. It’s a dynamic piece of media, and we believe that everyone should be able to view and interact with Tweets on the Web in the same ways you would from any Twitter client.

Today, we’re introducing embeddable Tweets, a new way to add any Tweet to your website just by copying and pasting a line of code. Your website visitors will see a Tweet that focuses on the content by surfacing the conversation and media. Visitors can follow the author with a single-click, and reply, retweet, or favorite the Tweet without leaving the page:


Try it on your website by clicking “Embed this Tweet” from any permalink page in the newly launched Twitter. If you use WordPress or Posterous Spaces, it’s easier than ever to embed Tweets.

Tweets and Buttons

WordPress bloggers can embed Tweets directly into their posts by simply copying the Tweet URL or using a familiar shortcode. Once published, WordPress instantly turns that URL or shortcode into an embedded Tweet. and WordPress VIP blogs have this functionality immediately, and Jetpack users will get it with their next update. For more news about WordPress and Twitter, check out founder, Matt Mullenweg’s blog post.

Tweets and Buttons

Posterous Spaces has also enabled embedded Tweets. People can easily add Tweets using their existing workflows: Posterous’ browser bookmarklet, email, the Posterous Web Editor, or their iPhone or Android Apps. For more information, read Posterous Spaces’ announcement on their blog.

These great integrations are made possible by our new oEmbed API, which developers can start building with today. For a detailed technical overview, please see the Embedded Tweets documentation.

Enhancing the Tweet and Follow Button

Finally, last week we announced a visual refresh to the Tweet and Follow Buttons, and today we’re introducing new ways to share with these buttons.

The new #hashtag button tells your visitors there’s an interesting conversation happening on Twitter, and lets them join in with just one click. The @mention button encourages visitors to Tweet to your account, driving public conversation directly from your website. Get started and configure your own button experiences on our new Twitter Buttons website.

Many exciting things are happening at Twitter. With 2012 just around the corner, stay tuned for more features we intend to bring to websites everywhere in the new year.