Current status: API v1.1

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Today, we’re excited to release the next version of the Twitter API, version 1.1. A few weeks ago, we outlined many of the v1.1 changes, and with today’s release, we’ve also updated the Developer Rules of the Road (see a summary of the most important policies here) and Developer Display Requirements. To learn about all of the changes, be sure to see the Overview of Version 1.1.

blue version pills

resource information

You’ll notice that the documentation on reflects the latest changes and methods available in API v1.1. To better distinguish whether you’re viewing docs for version 1 or version 1.1, at the top of each endpoint document, there are new blue pills that indicate the version. Each endpoint’s resource information box will also indicate the method’s API version, its rate limit per window, and more.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve caught up with the platform, we also recommend reviewing the wide variety of platform offerings now available at our documentation overview.

Additionally, based on feedback after the original blog post, we felt it was important to clarify one thing about user tokens and the 100,000 user token limit. The 100,000 user token limit applies only to the small set of clients replicating the core Twitter experience. It does not apply to the majority of other applications in the broader ecosystem.

We want and value your feedback, so please feel free to contribute to the thread around API v1.1. And, as always, you can ask questions in the discussion group — we’re here to help. If you notice issues with the API, please report them on our Issue Tracker. We’re looking forward to working closely with the ecosystem during this transition to 1.1, and are excited to see what people build.