Working with the Twitter Streaming APIs

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Today we’re happy to announce a big update to our streaming documentation on We’ve improved the organization of the streaming docs and added supplemental information to better explain the Streaming APIs. If you are new to these APIs, the new introduction page is a great place to start. Developers who are already familiar with streaming concepts will still get a lot out of new pages such as a comprehensive list of query parameters and an explanation of the data formats you’ll see in a stream.

We’ve also moved the streaming endpoints into the standard endpoint documentation format, as you can see in the POST statuses/filter page. As a developer, you’ll have the ability to use’s built-in OAuth signing tool to generate signatures and cURL invocations for these endpoints. Twitter’s developer relations team will also be able to attach issues or other related documentation to these pages, to make it easier to find information about any of the streaming services.

This change is the latest in a series of recent updates on topics such as response structures, mobile development, and authentication. We hope that cleaning up and expanding the documentation is making developing with the Twitter API easier and more productive. But documentation is never finished. If there are any more areas which you believe could use some more attention, please let us know in the discussion forum. Thanks!