Introducing custom timelines: create timelines of Tweets for everyone

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Today we’re introducing custom timelines to give you more control over how Tweets are organized and delivered on the Twitter platform.

Custom timelines are an entirely new type of timeline –– one that you create. You name it, and choose the Tweets you want to add to it, either by hand or programmatically using the API (more on that below). This means that when the conversation around an event or topic takes off on Twitter, you have the opportunity to create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most noteworthy, relevant Tweets.

Each timeline is public and has its own page on, making it easy to share so others can follow along in real time as you add more Tweets. And since custom timelines are part of our Twitter for Websites toolkit, you can embed these timelines on your website.

What you can do with custom timelines

Share the best Tweets about a topic you care about, or an event –– planned or unplanned –– that’s happening right now. Whether you want to collect the best Tweets about a TV show or help people find the latest information about fast-moving real-time situations, custom timelines let you give everyone a place to follow along.

Here are some examples to give you more ideas:

  • Carson Daly (@CarsonDaly), host of The Voice, created a custom timeline to be a live companion to tonight’s competition.
  • POLITICO is organizing the best Tweets from policy industry experts in this new Tweet Hub.
  • The Guardian is hosting a Q&A and will curate the lead question, questions from readers, and answers from journalists into a custom timeline.
  • Twitter #music has created new timelines that present the very best Tweets from superstars, best songs with tracks you can play right in the Tweet, and the best music Vines.
  • And tonight, Bleacher Report will help sports fans keep up with the best moments from the Champions Classic match-ups tonight.

How to get started

You can create, add to and share a custom timeline right from TweetDeck. Over the next several days, these capabilities will roll out to all TweetDeck users; read more about this on the TweetDeck blog.

About the API

There’s something more to what we’re announcing today: the custom timelines API beta. This new API will open up interesting opportunities, such as programming your custom timelines based on the logic that you choose, or building tools that help people create their own custom timelines, as TweetDeck does. As noted above, POLITICO is using the custom timelines API to add Tweets to its Tweet Hub.

You can read more about custom timelines for developers and the API beta here. To begin, the API will be available to a small group of selected partners. We want to hear from you. If you have a great idea and you’re interested in testing out the API, please let us know by filling out this form.

We’re excited to see what you’ll do with custom timelines, and are just getting started.