Build better apps with Crashlytics

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Since Crashlytics joined Twitter in early 2013, the team has augmented its core crash reporting solution with support for OS X, a real-time interface and deeper integrations for an even more seamless workflow. This past May, Crashlytics expanded its toolset to offer Beta by Crashlytics, the most streamlined way for developers to send app builds out to beta testers on both iOS and Android.

Yesterday, Crashlytics unveiled Answers by Crashlytics, a new approach to mobile analytics that provides real-time insights into app usage, user growth, engagement and retention. Answers by Crashlytics features what we call an “opinionated” user experience. Instead of forcing developers to pore over a pile of data, it presents focused dashboards that answer the most important questions. We’ve been secretly using Answers at scale over the past few months in both Twitter for iOS and Android, and it’s been an invaluable resource for our product managers and engineers.

With its tight integration between crash reporting, Beta and Answers, Crashlytics provides a single, cohesive toolset to solve core developer needs cross-platform on both iOS and Android.

Crashlytics’ mission is to provide the highest quality tools for mobile developers — and they are just getting started. Find out more about Crashlytics or follow @Crashlytics for updates.