Embed Vine videos with oEmbed

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Vine team is releasing an oEmbed API endpoint that helps publishers and website owners make it easier for their users to embed a Vine. Last year, Vine introduced the ability to embed Vine posts on any website. With today’s release, publishers can now make embedding a Vine as easy as pasting the URL of a Vine video.

Those publishers and developers using a content management system supporting oEmbed discovery can automatically transform a Vine video URL into Vine’s preferred embed HTML using our oEmbed API endpoints. A Vine-aware site can also directly send a request to the Vine oEmbed API to receive a JSON or XML formatted response.



Anyone with a website powered by WordPress can download and install the newly released and open source Vine plugin for WordPress to automatically turn Vine links into embedded Vines. The new plugin adjusts embeds to the width of your WordPress theme and offers embed previews inside your post editor.

Read more about Vine’s oEmbed endpoint and customizable parameters and general documentation for Vine embeds in the new Vine developer documentation section of dev.twitter.com.