Announcing the top 10 Hatch finalists

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Earlier this year, in conjunction with our worldwide developer tour Flock, we announced Hatch, a new competition geared to apps and solutions developing with Fabric and/or the Twitter API. We traveled across the world meeting hundreds of developers and learning about the remarkable apps they’re building. Naturally, we encouraged all of them to submit their ideas for our competition.

The eligibility requirements are straightforward:

  • Taken $2M or less in funding
  • Less than $10M in total revenue
  • Headquartered in eligible regions (see official rules for details)
  • Incorporated Fabric or Twitter API into your app/solution

And up for grabs are some great prizes:

  • $25,000 (grand prize)
  • 1:1 mentor session with a Twitter executive
  • Twitter Ad credits to promote your business
  • VIP access to Twitter developer events throughout 2015

After receiving an overwhelming number of applications, we’ve now selected 10 finalists from 30 countries. Entries span across many industries and represent both business and consumer audiences. We were thoroughly impressed by the creative ideas and by how people included various elements of Fabric as a vital component.

With so many great entries, judging wasn’t easy. Here in their own words are the top 10, in no particular order:

  • HaystackTV (@haystacktv) is a personalized video news channel. Watch it on your phone, tablet or TV.
  • CollabraCam (@CollabraCam) allows you to shoot video with friends and edit live from up to six iPhone, iPad or iPod touch cameras streaming in real time over wifi or hotspot.
  • CityFALCON (@CityFalconFolio) is democratising access to financial news with a level playing field in financial news for all investors and traders. Financial big data is sourced from Twitter, and then using the power of Twitter and crowd curation, CityFALCON provides a comprehensive and timely resource for investors and traders.
  • Something (@somethinggd) is a real-time reading list powered by your Twitter stream. The more you use it, the more it learns about what you like, downloading the best content in the background so it’s instantly available.
  • Bridgefy (@bridgefy) is an encrypted mobile messaging app that works without Internet or SMS over large distances.
  • FounderFox (@founderfoxapp) is a community that helps startups founders level up. Founders can instantly connect and chat with other founders while on the go, or instantly create 1-2 min videos to tell the world their story, share updates, share resources, promote and all this automagically posts to twitter too.
  • GetReal enables you to see who’s around and meet in person. Spend time in each others’ company, not on messaging apps!
  • Sales Prodigy (@sales_prodigy) is social listening for sales, simplified: turn social media noise into sales intelligence.
  • BuzzReel (@buzzreelratings) collects sentiments on Twitter and categorizes them into positive or negative reaction based on Tweets, Tweeted by users. BuzzReel receives your Tweets for movies continuously.
  • Somewhere (@somewhere) is a visual platform for sharing your work, where people can learn and be inspired by their peers, and companies can communicate and collaborate internally. Somewhere is building the cultural graph to help people and companies find one another and work together.

We’ve invited these 10 startups to our San Francisco HQ for a finalist event on Tuesday, August 11. Each finalist will pitch our panel of judges, which includes Wayne Chang, Head of Product Marketing, Fabric; Jana Messerschmidt, VP Global Business Development & Platform; and Prashant Sridharan, Global Director of Developer & Platform Relations.

Join us to meet the 10 and watch them pitch for the grand prize. You’ll also have the chance to meet other entrepreneurs, developers and investors. RSVP here. We look forward to seeing you in August!