Guest post: How Epoxy uses the Twitter video API to increase reach and engagement

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Here at Epoxy, our legion of video and content creators rely on social media as a core part of their video strategy. They look to platforms like Twitter to provide discovery and virality of their content, helping them reach new audiences.

Epoxy’s suite of web and mobile tools helps our creators with each aspect of their video strategy. We offer powerful editing tools to generate fresh and exciting new content, provide sharing solutions to every major video platform, and even help them identify and connect with their top fans.

In May, when Twitter announced that the REST API supported native video uploads, we were excited to help bring our creators’ voices and stories to the Twitter platform in a more natural way. With a few additional integrations, we’ve enabled our creators to:

  1. Select one of their existing YouTube videos
  2. Edit a 30-second clip from the video
  3. Upload the clip natively to Twitter

Here’s a screenshot demonstrating the new functionality in a single dashboard:

Guest post: How Epoxy uses the Twitter video API to increase reach and engagement

The early results have been eye-opening. Our creators are seeing an average of 3.6x as many favorites, 4.3x as many Retweets and 2.5x as many replies on video Tweets compared to non-video Tweets. This makes sense, because Twitter videos naturally provide a better experience in the feed, with videos appearing and auto-playing in the timeline.

As for examples of how creators have been using Epoxy’s Twitter video integration, below are a few of our favorites. First, @Juan_DaCorte speed draws a spectacular portrait of Katy Perry:

Next, the feel the excitement in this highlight reel comes across in @LacrosseNetwork’s post:


Lastly, with New York Fashion Week in full swing, @CHRISELLEtweets shows her fans some makeup tips to look stunning while traveling:

Using the Twitter video APIs, we’ve given our creators and their fans a richer, more engaging experience on Twitter. We’ve also been able to show that these new features help grow the creators’ audience and increase their reach in a way that stays true to their own voice and perspective.

We’re excited to be building out great new features like this Twitter video integration. To find out more about this feature or any of Epoxy’s other offerings, check us out at