Hearts for developers

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

We are changing our star icon for favorites to a heart and we’ll be calling them likes. You can read more about why we are making these changes over on the Official Twitter Blog.

If you’re using our embedded Tweets on web there’s no work required to update – you’ll notice they’ve already been updated to hearts.

If you’re using Twitter Kit to embed Tweets on iOS and Android, look out in the upcoming weeks for a simple one-click upgrade in Fabric, which will update your apps to support hearts.

Example of a heart Tweet action icon in Twitter Kit for iOS and Android

In order to provide a consistent developer experience, our REST and Streaming APIs paths and responses will remain unchanged, and continue to reference “likes” as “favorites.” If you’re showing Tweets without using our Embedded Tweet rendering, you’ll need to update the icons and strings in your apps and websites to comply with our updated display requirements:

  • In your apps and websites, the star icon should be replaced with the heart icon. Reference Twitter’s developer brand resources for heart icons and changes to hover, pressed, and active icon colors.
  • The string “favorite” should be replaced with the string “like” in viewer-facing text. A count should be represented as the string “like(s).”

In our tests, we found that people loved the new hearts, and we can’t wait for your viewers to love them as well.