Piloting new data and functionality to better serve brands

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Today we announced that we’re working with Twitter Official Partner  Sprout Social to transform the way brands provide customer service on Twitter and that Oracle intends to release their solution in the near future. This is a significant step in how we’re working with the ecosystem to deliver innovative solutions to brands, and we want to provide some context on the new data behind these solutions.

Our goal is to make it easier for brands to provide outstanding customer service on Twitter. Twitter can transform the way brands approach customer service but companies need the right solutions and the right data to take advantage of this opportunity. At the core of these improved solutions is early access to new data and a more collaborative relationship model.

To enable these solutions, we’re providing programmatic access to impression and engagements data for the first time. This data will help brands prioritize conversations, get insights from their interactions and measure their audience based on real and accurate data.

To help give full context for customer interactions, we’re providing improved access to historical public Tweets so brands can better understand their customers and create a relevant and deeply personalized experience for them. For example, if a customer Tweeted about an issue with a brand’s product three years ago, it will be available to the agent.

In this model, we will be working closely with ecosystem companies to bring new solutions to market. We believe that by working more closely with ecosystem companies we can remove some of the limitations that currently exist to creating better products, having better alignment, and generating better results for brands, users, the ecosystem and Twitter.

To focus on brands’ real challenges, we’re piloting this data for customer service, which will pave the way for the next revolution of social customer service. There’s a lot of power in this new data and we expect to make it more widely available in the future for additional use cases. If you’re interested in working with us on customer service or on other brand-focused solutions, reach out to your Account Manager or email us at officialpartner@twitter.com.