Twitter developer events: May 2015

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Developer Relations team is on the road this month meeting developers around the world. We kick off May by taking Twitter Flock to Asia visiting Seoul, Bangalore, Tokyo and we’ll finish our Fabric world tour in São Paulo in early June.

Join us on our journey by attending one of our events, or follow us at @TwitterDev for live updates and recaps. You can also track our May travels through our events page.

Twitter developer events: May 2015

Twitter Flock 2015:
May 7 - Seoul, South Korea
May 13 - Bangalore, India
May 19 - Tokyo, Japan
June 2 - São Paulo, Brazil

Mobilise Meetup (London, UK ): May 12
At this mobile meetup, Andy Piper will be talking about Fabric, our mobile SDK, and how to integrate it into your apps.

Nordic API’s Meetup (London, UK): May 13
Advocate Andy Piper is well-known for his knowledge about the Internet of Things. This presentation is one you do not want to miss: “The Internet of Things is Made of Signals.”

Apps World North America (San Francisco, California): May 13-14
Ty Smith, a Fabric team engineer, will do a deep dive into the technical decisions we made and talk about how we developed an SDK for stability, testability, performance, overall footprint size and, most importantly, ease of implementation. Ty will also participate in a panel on designing your next beautiful Android app alongside engineers from Slack, Trulia, Netflix and others. Israel Camacho, Senior Android Engineer, will be part of the panel on developing apps for the Android market, which will explore Android’s newest features and the benefits and challenges of the platform.

Hamburg Geekettes & App Camps Hackathon (London, UK): May 23-24
Busy Andy Piper closes out the month at this hackathon. He’ll give a short API talk and also help participants create the best Twitter platform use cases. Prizes will be involved!

Google I/O Fabric Party (San Francisco, California): May 27
We’re also hosting a Fabric party the night before the Google I/O conference opens. Request a ticket, and we will try and save you a spot. Tickets go fast, so don’t wait!

Google I/O Event Streaming at Twitter HQ (San Francisco, California): May 28
Come to Twitter HQ to watch a live stream of the Google I/O keynote. The morning will begin with light breakfast and coffee, followed by the live stream and then short talks by our developer teams around Fabric and Periscope. Follow @TwitterDev for updates!

Twitter developer events: May 2015

Photo Courtesy of Shawn Brackbill

Do you know of an event where the Twitter DPR team should be this year?

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