Twitter developer events: July 2016

Friday, 1 July 2016

This month we will be launching our first community-led meetup groups in Boston and Bangalore. Our team are also active in São Paulo, London and Denver, and we are excited to host Technovation at Twitter HQ in San Francisco. Track our travels through our Lanyrd page, as well as by following @TwitterDev.

Code in the Dark (São Paulo, Brazil) July 1

Juliana Chahoud will discuss Fabric and the Twitter APIs with front-end developers.

FIESP Acelera Startup (São Paulo, Brazil) July 5

Juliana Chahoud will provide technical mentorship to the selected startups and discuss how they can use Twitter’s developer tools.

The Developer’s Conference (São Paulo, Brazil) July 5-9

Juliana Chahoud will discuss Fabric and present a live demo to illustrate how to build the best apps with Fabric kits.

Global Mobile App Summit & Awards (Bangalore, India) July 6

We’re excited to continue our presence at GMASA this year to connect with the some of the largest app businesses in India on how they can use the Twitter and Fabric platform effectively. Ravi Bhaskaran, Head of Business Development and Platform Partnerships South Asia, will deliver a keynote session.

World Pitch Summit 2016 (San Francisco, CA) July 12

We are proud and excited to host Technovation at Twitter HQ this month. This is an awesome program that has middle and high school girls from around the world building technological solutions to solve issues in their own communities.

Boston Twitter Developer Community Meetup: Swipe Left #1: A Look to the Future (Cambridge, MA) July 13

We’re excited to kick off the first Twitter Boston Community-led meetup in our Cambridge office. Learn about Fabric, Unity, and fastlane in addition to updates in the mobile space from the app developer community.

SF Twitter Developer Community Meetup: Improving your UX via Fabric (San Francisco, CA) July 14

We’re excited to work with our partners Jogabo, Appsee, Nuance, and Stripe in hosting the next SF community meetup!

IAMAI AppFest (Bangalore, India) July 15-16

Aman Alam will discuss some of the major problems that face app developers and businesses, and explain how Twitter’s developer tools can solve these issues – for free.

AngelHack Bangalore (Bangalore, India) July 16-17

Continuing our participation in AngelHack around India, catch Aman Alam take the hackathon developers through Fabric and its kits.

Twitter & London App Brewery Meetup (London, England) July 18

Join our international team as we host LAB at Twitter UK. Ali Parr and Andy Piper will take the group through the Twitter and Fabric platforms.

GDG Denver (Denver, CO) July 20

TwitterDev is proud to sponsor the July meeting of Denver’s Google Developer Group. Bear Douglas will chat with Android developers about the Fabric platform and getting apps ready to ship on Google Play.

Bangalore Twitter Developer Community Meetup: Hello Fabric (Bangalore, India) July 23

The first TwitterDev community-led meetup in India will take place in Bangalore this month, focusing on the Fabric platform. Follow along with #TapIntoTwitter.

Do you know of an event where the Twitter DPR team should be in 2016?

 If so, please email us with the details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Update July 5, 2016: The date for the Twitter Developer Community Meetup in Bangalore has been changed from July 16 to July 23, and events have been reordered above to remain chronological. The description for this event has also been updated.

Update July 13, 2016: The date for AngelHack Bangalore has changed from July 25-26 to July 16-17, and events have been reordered above to remain chronological. IAMAI AppFest has also been added to the list.