Tools Building the next generation of the Twitter API

today we’re sharing the first stage of our plan to build the next generation of the Twitter API, starting with our new Twitter Developer Labs program

Spotlight Leveraging Twitter data and AI to generate risk intelligence

Prewave started out with our free, standard data APIs, they soon realized that the benefits of Twitter’s premium APIs could exceed their previous offerings

Tips Vulnerability in Twitter Kit for iOS

We were recently alerted to a vulnerability in Twitter Kit for iOS. It was fixed in Twitter Kit for iOS v3.2.2, released Nov. 28, 2017. If you use the "Login with Twitter” feature, please upgrade.

Tools Previewing Changes to the User and Mentions Timeline API Endpoints

We are announcing changes to two of the most commonly used Twitter standard API endpoints – user and mentions timeline.

Spotlight Celebrating the success of an early Twitter partner

Founded by Hayes Davis and Jenn Deering Davis, they started Union Metrics to answer a simple question - how many people were reached by Tweets about a particular topic on Twitter?

Tools Details for developers on Account Activity API bug

We recently published a notice about an issue related to our Account Activity API that could have resulted in data being delivered to the wrong registered developer.

Spotlight Applying AI to Twitter data in support of the UN and societal good

Citibeats Data Story: Applying AI to Twitter data in support of the UN and societal good

Spotlight Finding influential “Puppy Parents” through Twitter data

Ghergich & Co Data Story: How Petco’s PupBox identified the most influential dog lovers on Twitter for their brand

Spotlight Finding the news in the noise

Some of the news shared on Twitter has an immediate impact on businesses and can even move markets. But how to find the real news within the vast conversation on Twitter?

Tools New developer requirements to protect our platform

Recognizing the challenges facing Twitter and the public, we’re taking steps to ensure that our developer platform works in service of the overall health of conversation on Twitter.

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