Announcing embedded timeline support in the official Twitter WordPress plugin

By Niall Kennedy
Wednesday, 1 March 2017

In 2015, we launched the official Twitter plugin for WordPress to help sites powered by WordPress embed Twitter content and grow their audience on Twitter. Today we’re excited to announce an update that makes it even easier than ever to bring fresh, relevant content into your WordPress-powered site.

This update helps site owners and authors easily embed and customize Twitter timelines in articles and widget areas. Whether it’s the latest Tweets from your business account, a list of your reporters, recent Tweets mentioning a hashtag, or customer testimonials placed into a collection, embedded timelines are a simple way to easily bring dynamic content to your sites. The customization options help you match the visual style of your site.

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To add an embedded timeline to your website template, visit the widget selection and choose which type of timeline you would like to embed. Enter the Twitter data source - such as an account’s username. Finally, customize content to match the visual style of your site including light and dark themes, link colors, and border colors.

Advertising Tracking

Twitter advertisers are also now able to take advantage of Twitter’s latest conversion and tailored audience trackers.

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Easily track website conversions and manage tailored audience campaigns with a universal website tag. Our plugin takes care of optimally loading JavaScript and tracking one or many trackers per page. Build new Twitter audience profiles or track conversion events on a single page or site-wide.

Learn more about using the official Twitter WordPress plugin.

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Niall Kennedy


Partner Engineer, Twitter Developer Platform