Sign in with Twitter users must whitelist callback URLs

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A few weeks ago, we announced several upcoming changes to the developer platform in advance of new European Union data privacy regulations going into effect soon.

Today, we’d like to share an additional change for customers using Sign in with Twitter. If you are using this product, please visit today’s developer forum post. To ensure you avoid any disruption to the functionality of your applications, please take the outlined action by June 12th.

Also, please remember that a handful of additional changes will be taking place over the upcoming months, including:

  • Background profile image data will revert to the URL of the old default background profile image on May 14th (as this value is no longer used).
  • User timezones are becoming private values in the API after May 23. On that date, values will be returned as null on the users/show, users/lookup, and account/verify_credentials endpoints, and in other places where user objects are returned in API responses
  • Changes to the Developer Agreement effective May 25th.
  • Updates to Twitter Terms of Service and Privacy Policy updates are effective May 25th.

To review the details of these changes, please review the April 24th forum announcement.

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