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Results from Developer for: October 2011

Teatime - the Developer Tour concludes in Asia

We’re excited to announce the final cities and dates of our Teatime Developer Tour. Shortly after returning from our Teatime event in Los Angeles, we’ll be heading to Seoul and then we’ll conclude the tour in Tokyo.

The Seoul Developer Teatime will run from 7pm to 10pm on November 15th, and the Tokyo Developer Teatime will go from 7pm to 10pm on November 17th. Please register for the events at the links below.

Sign up here for Seoul Developer Teatime


Developer Teatime - the tour continues in Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles

We’ve really enjoyed getting out and meeting so many developers who are building creative and innovative solutions on the Twitter platform. Our next Developer Teatime stops will be in Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles in early November. Links to registration are below, along with dates, locations, and other pertinent details:


Important Search Changes: real user IDs & support for URL, media, hashtag entities

Hello Developers! I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening?


Big things are happening in search. Big things. I’m very happy to announce that two long-awaited improvements to the Twitter Search API are finally in the process of being rolled out:


Acting on your Feedback

We love hearing from developers about what’s working, what’s not and what more we can do to support ecosystem growth. Over the past twelve weeks we’ve focused on your feedback: We asked developers to share their thoughts through a survey, the platform team did weekly calls with different members of the community, and Jack invited developers to leave comments on our discussion boards. You gave us great ideas and suggestions, and we’re using insights from your feedback to make improvements for the ecosystem as a whole.


Introducing the Twitter Platform Issue Tracker

Today we’re launching our Twitter Platform Issue Tracker. We listened to your feedback and developed a canonical place to host, track and report when issues are resolved. This brand new Issue Tracker deprecates the Google Code Tracker we were previously using.


Twitter, Open Source and the JVM

Today, we announced that Twitter is joining the Java Community Process (JCP) and OpenJDK project. The JVM and its rich ecosystem are critical to our infrastructure and have helped us scale up as a business. Additionally, the polyglot nature of the JVM allows programming languages such as Java, Scala, Ruby, Javascript and Clojure to coexist seamlessly and, thus, lets Twitter choose the optimal language for the task at hand.