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Results from Developer for: January 2012

Say hello to Bootstrap 2.0

Six months ago we open-sourced Twitter Bootstrap, an extensive front-end toolkit for developing web sites and applications.

Since then, Bootstrap has grown to be one of the most popular projects on GitHub, the largest open source code host in the world, with over 16,000 watchers and 3,000 forks. Bootstrap’s contributors continue to humble and amaze us. People everywhere are using it in creative ways, including projects like NASA’s and MSNBC’s Breaking News.

After months of development, we’re ready to introduce the next major release, Bootstrap 2.


Stream the Nevada Caucus Results with the Twitter API

Twitter and the Nevada Republican Party have partnered to deliver voters, developers and news organizations real-time access to the results of the “First in the West” Nevada Presidential Caucuses on February 4th. You can follow the votes on Twitter as they come in via two accounts:


New Withheld Content Fields in API Responses

Updated on Nov. 2, 2012 to reflect the changes announced in Changes to withheld content fields and More changes to withheld content fields.

The Twitter REST API will soon return new data attributes to accommodate specific circumstances in which Twitter is required to withhold certain content in particular countries. We provide more detail on this on our Twitter blog and our Support pages.


Announcing gzip compression for Streaming APIs

A piece of feedback we regularly get from Streaming API consumers is that the bandwidth required to maintain a connection can be very large for high-traffic connections such as the Firehose and Site Streams. As the number of Tweets flowing through Twitter’s servers grows, this has been a bigger and bigger problem. I’m happy to announce that we’ve started rolling out code which will help address this, by sending gzipped streams to consumers who request them.


Open Source Summit: Bootstrap

After we released Twitter Bootstrap less than six months ago, we have been amazed at the community that built up around our front-end toolkit and appreciative of the contributors the project has seen. On January 31st, the Twitter Open Source Program Office is hosting an open source summit in celebration of the upcoming release of Twitter Bootstrap 2.



Today, we’re excited to open source Scalding, a Scala API for Cascading. Cascading is a thin Java library and API that sits on top of Apache Hadoop’s MapReduce layer.


Twitter’s new @handle distribution pilot program

Today we introduce a new pilot program for distributing Verified Account @handles and public profile metadata to developers, media and content services, and consumer device manufacturers. The Echo Nest, Gracenote, and Rovi are the first partners in this program, which will scale the distribution of Twitter account data for integration in consumer-facing apps. Developers in the Twitter ecosystem can now work with these three partners to integrate Verified Account @handles and Tweets into their music and entertainment services.


Developer Teatime in Berlin

It’s been great getting out and meeting so many awesome developers the past few months at our Teatime events, so we’re throwing another one. This time we’re excited to be hosting a developer event in Berlin, Germany.

The event will take place on January 26th from 6pm to 9pm, and we’ll be covering a variety of topics including the latest platform developments, an overview of our API suite, and an in-depth technical session. To sign up and attend, please register here: