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Results from Developer for: November 2012

Tips and Tricks for better Twitter Cards

A few weeks ago, we posted More Interactive Tweets, in More than 2000 ways on our blog for the general public. We outlined a few interesting uses of cards (we still call them “expanded Tweets” when talking about them generally). Around about the same time, my colleague Buster Benson, who’s actively working on the future of Cards, had a pretty interesting blog post of his own: Hidden Twitter Cards Potential.


More changes to withheld content fields

Last week we announced upcoming changes to withheld content fields which unified the “withheld_in_countries” field across our APIs to a standard format: an array of uppercase country codes.

We have deployed this change today. With this deploy, we will also introduce two custom country codes which will represent the following scenarios:

1.) When a Tweet is withheld in all countries, we will use the country code XX instead of enumerating every country. For example:


Reverse Auth: enabled by default

Shortly after we announced our iOS integration last year, we heard from developers that they needed a way to securely obtain access tokens for iOS users that could then be used server-side to perform long-running data processing or to integrate with existing business logic.