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Results from Developer for: May 2012

Working with the Twitter Streaming APIs

Today we’re happy to announce a big update to our streaming documentation on We’ve improved the organization of the streaming docs and added supplemental information to better explain the Streaming APIs. If you are new to these APIs, the new introduction page is a great place to start. Developers who are already familiar with streaming concepts will still get a lot out of new pages such as a comprehensive list of query parameters and an explanation of the data formats you’ll see in a stream.


Community Developer Teatimes in Nairobi, Manila, Buenos Aires, and Singapore

We’ve been hosting community-organized Developer Teatimes around the globe, allowing us to meet many developers building great applications on the Twitter platform. We want to do even more of these, so we’re continuing to push forward with the latest series of community-organized Teatime events in a number of new cities. With this format, the local organizers will give a presentation on the Twitter APIs followed by local companies sharing experiences and best practices for integrating with the platform.


Introducing a field guide to Twitter platform objects

The earliest adopters of the Twitter platform arrived with a firm understanding of our service and the objects that represented the various nouns and verbs that describe Twitter’s capabilities and opportunity. The platform has grown considerably since and now developers of all levels of familiarity and experience are getting started with the Twitter API.