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Results from Developer for: September 2012

Sunsetting @Anywhere

We’ve been growing the family of products that makes up Twitter for Websites, including, for example, yesterday’s launch of the ability to embed timelines on a website. As Twitter for Websites has evolved, it has improved upon many of the features we introduced with @Anywhere: Tweet box, follow, linkify a @username, sign-in, and the hovercard. As a result, we are sunsetting @Anywhere and focusing on continuing to build out Twitter for Websites.


Current status: API v1.1

Today, we’re excited to release the next version of the Twitter API, version 1.1. A few weeks ago, we outlined many of the v1.1 changes, and with today’s release, we’ve also updated the Developer Rules of the Road (see a summary of the most important policies here) and Developer Display Requirements. To learn about all of the changes, be sure to see the Overview of Version 1.1.


How to embed Twitter timelines on your website

Today we’re bringing Twitter and the web closer together by launching new real-time tools for website developers. With our new embedded timelines you can place any public timeline on your website, connecting your readers with the Tweets that you and others create on Twitter.