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Results from Developer for: November 2013

List IDs to become 64-bit integers in early 2014

We’re proactively making room for more lists on Twitter by expanding their IDs to 64-bit integers. If you’re using our REST and Streaming APIs, you should confirm that your database, server-side and client-side code consume the safe string-based identifiers represented in “id_str” fields instead of the integer-based identifiers found in the “id” field of Twitter List objects and related references.


REST API SSL certificate updates

At the end of 2013, all Browsers and Certificate Authorities will no longer support 1024 bits RSA certificates to be compliant to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines.

The SSL certificate currently used on is signed with the older Verisign G2 root CA certificate.


Introducing custom timelines: create timelines of Tweets for everyone

Today we’re introducing custom timelines to give you more control over how Tweets are organized and delivered on the Twitter platform.