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Results from Developer for: June 2014

Why I joined Twitter - Andy Piper, Developer Advocate

How I went from enterprise middleware to an open global platform.


Goal! Detecting the most important World Cup moments

A simple strategy to detect spikes in Tweets and how to create a bell that rings at each goal using Raspberry Pi.


Guest post: Recordit brings GIFs to Twitter with native OS X integration

At Recordit, our goal is to make capturing and sharing screen captures as fast and easy as possible. When we saw that Twitter opened up GIF support in their API, we couldn’t have been happier.

It only took a few days to integrate Twitter into our Mac app and to scale out our back end for sharing and GIF processing. We’d love to share what we learned about both.

Native Twitter authentication on OS X


Hacking journalism at the MIT Media Lab

News Bingo takes home the prize at MIT’s Hacking Journalism, built with Twitter APIs.


Eighteen awesome hours: The APICon/quest Hackathon 2014

The team at ProgrammableWeb threw their first Hackathon last week, and we were happy to stay late, snack on pizza and help out some great contestants. After a flurry of API talks (including ours) given by the sponsors, contestants started digging into code and hacking through the night.