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Join our summer creative challenge with #FestivalChallengeUK

Are you on that festival vibe? Do you love creating amazing videos online? If so, now is your chance to get noticed with Twitter’s summer creative challenge!

Here’s the deets: from the 15th July - 26th August, you’re invited to join our super exciting new competition to find some of Europe’s finest creative social video talents.


How #EUref played out on Twitter

It was an unprecedented day for UK politics - and the live conversation on Twitter is still roaring.

The intense political debate saw 6.4 million Tweets about the EU Referendum (#EUref) sent from 7am when the polls opened on Thursday, to 10am on Friday as the nation reacted to @David_Cameron’s resignation speech.


Twitter offers enhanced WiFi sign in experience at St Pancras Railway Station.

You can now have access to a longer WiFi connection for free at St Pancras International Railway Station, thanks to a partnership between Twitter and Wifi metropolis (@wifimetropolis), the internet service provider at St Pancras International Railway Station.

Starting today (June 14th), WiFi users at the station will be able to enjoy a faster, simplified, sign in faster experience, and surf the internet for 4 hours for free.


Happy Birthday Your Majesty: Twitter Creates Crown Emoji To Celebrate The #Queenat90

With the UK getting ready to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday this weekend, Twitter have created a crown emoji so users can congratulate Her Majesty on the platform.

To share your birthday wishes with Queen Elizabeth II, simply Tweet the following hashtags to trigger the crown emoji:




TfL and Twitter join forces to launch world's first travel Tweet alerts

Twitter and Transport for London and today began piloting a world-first service whereby customers will be automatically alerted of severe delays on key London Underground and TfL rail services as soon as they occur, helping them to avoid disruption.

The innovative pilot, developed exclusively with Twitter, will allow anyone who follows any combination of four existing TfL Twitter feeds (London Overground, TfL Rail, Central line and District line) to be able to opt-in to receive instant notifications about severe disruption.


Launching the #EURef Data Hub


Starting today, a new set of tools are available that enable you to track how the EU referendum is being discussed live on Twitter.

The #EURef Data Hub is a partnership between the Press Association (@PA) and Twitter which is designed to allow anyone to monitor in real-time how the big issues and high profile campaigners are driving discussion.

Check it out here


Coming soon: express even more in 140 characters

Over the past decade, the Tweet has evolved from a simple 140-character text message to a rich canvas for creative expression featuring photos, videos, hashtags, Vines, and more. In just the past few months we added the ability to poll your community, react quickly and cleverly with GIFs, and share and enjoy Periscope broadcasts in Tweets.


#Eurovision 2016


Fans from across Europe came together on Twitter to share in the drama of tonight’s #Eurovision song contest, sending 7 million Tweets over the course of the evening


Twitter’s Word by Word typewriter to write the Complete Works at Shakespeare’s Globe


Emile Borel’s infinite monkey theorem suggests a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text…such as the complete works of William Shakespeare for example.

Whilst that remains to be proven, here at Twitter we’re putting a modern day twist on the idea - challenging a Twitter typewriter to source Tweets in real time in order to replicate the Bard’s works.


Leicester City: champions of England


Leicester City’s dream became reality when they clinched the @PremierLeague title last night, and it triggered a huge surge of conversation on Twitter, led by the players themselves.

In fact, the climax of the Leicester fairytale led to an 86% increase in normal activity in the UK.