Company Twitter reveals first ever Women’s World Cup #GoldenTweet Award winners

Today the global #GoldenTweet Awards will be awarded to the best content on Twitter from the fans, players and commentators that participated in the #FIFAWWC conversation.

Company Celebrating #Apollo50Aus on Twitter

From the days spanning the capsule’s launch to it’s safe return to Earth, you can commemorate the historic anniversary by Tweeting with a special edition emoji.

Company #AusVotes2019 sizzles to a close with 28 million Tweets

Twitter provided a front row seat to the Australian federal election with 28 million Tweets for #AusVotes2019

Company Get #AusVotes2019 election information through Twitter

With #AusVotes2019 entering the home stretch, today we’re launching a special election Twitter Direct Message (DM) experience to bring voters all the vital information needed before polling day.

Company Updates around our #AusVotes2019 election integrity efforts

As we lead into the Federal Election, we'd like to share some updates on the work we've been doing to protect and enhance the health of the public conversation at this pivotal political moment.

Company The 2019 Federal Election is happening on Twitter

As Aussies prepare to go to the polls, they are taking to Twitter to discuss the political issues, topics, and candidates that matter to them most. Here’s your quick and handy guide on how to follow.

Company A healthier Twitter: progress and more to do

we’re sharing an update on our progress and previewing some changes you can expect to see in the next few months. There will always be more to you do, but we’ve made meaningful progress that is import

Events Guest post: Celebrating the women of Japan

For #IWD2019, Melanie Brock talks about how she took the #CelebratingWomen movement from Australia to Japan. Check out how #CelebratingWomeninJapan is using Twitter.

Company Protecting the integrity of the election conversation in Australia

Today, we’re expanding the Ads Transparency Center in Australia. This allows anyone across the globe to view details on political campaigning ads in Australia.

Company A reminder about spammy behaviour and platform manipulation on Twitter

Check out our latest blog to learn more about the Twitter Rules on spam, how to report accounts and what we're doing to fight spam

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