Company Campaigning on Twitter during the 2022 Australian Federal Election

With Election Day just around the corner, here are some additional best practices and key information to help candidates make the most of Twitter through this election and beyond.

Company #DemocracySausage conversations light up the start of #AusVotes2022

The countdown to the 2022 Australian Federal Election is on and the conversation is heating up, with over 2.75M Tweets since January 2022.

Company Standing together is how we fight misleading information

It’s time for a conversation about misleading information. Government, tech industry, academics, nonprofits, and civil society to start to work together to address the challenge in a meaningful way.

Company Australian Census search prompt to support Census conversations

The #2021Census is a vital event. Twitter is working with @ABSStats to support the Census conversation by launching a search prompt pointing people to authoritative source of information.

Company Twitter launches a search prompt with the Australian Red Cross

We’re working with @RedCrossAU to help people stay informed during emergencies.

Company Helping you find reliable public health information on Twitter

A key part of our mission to serve the public conversation is ensuring people in Australia can find information from authoritative health sources on the service.

Company Twitter partners with ALNF to amplify Australia’s Indigenous voices

Read more about our partnership with the ALNF to mark the thirteenth anniversary of #UNDRIP and raise awareness around the preservation of Indigenous languages.

Company #ThereIsHelp — Our work to combat domestic violence

Twitter Australia has launched a dedicated domestic violence search prompt in partnership with @1800RESPECT, Australia's national support service for sexual assault, domestic, and family violence.

Company The 2019 Federal Election is happening on Twitter

As Aussies prepare to go to the polls, they are taking to Twitter to discuss the political issues, topics, and candidates that matter to them most. Here’s your quick and handy guide on how to follow.

Company Protecting the integrity of the election conversation in Australia

Today, we’re expanding the Ads Transparency Center in Australia. This allows anyone across the globe to view details on political campaigning ads in Australia.

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