Unlocking global revenue through In-Stream Video Ads

Monday, 1 October 2018

In-Stream Video Ads were designed to unlock incremental revenue for top publishers who want to monetise their videos on Twitter, while making it easier for advertisers to reach influential audiences and align with great content. Over the past year, we have expanded this capability to nearly 20 global markets, including Australia.

Today, we are pleased to announce that publishers can now monetize their entire global video audience on Twitter through In-Stream Video Ads. Previously, In-Stream Video Ads were limited to the markets in which publishers are based, but in many cases, publishers have a global following. We heard feedback that they want to monetise their organic following, outside of their home country.

We expect this opportunity can build on the momentum publishers across the world are seeing on Twitter: Over the first half of 2018, publisher earnings for this product have more than doubled relative to the same period in 2017.

This new feature is garnering excitement from publishers around the globe looking to increase reach and revenue:

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As a publisher, creating and delivering premium content is our first priority. With Twitter, we’ve unlocked the potential to take this content to communities all around the globe, whether that’s passionate fans of a favourite like Home and Away, or reality TV lovers who don’t want to miss a moment of the My Kitchen Rules action. We’ve seen massive growth on Twitter this year and know that the audience for much of our content is truly global, which makes this new development very exciting. We can’t wait to connect with advertising partners around the world to help tell their stories on a global scale in line with our content.

Jonathan Munschi

Head of Commercial Product, Seven West Media


This is a big win for monetization against the way BuzzFeed creates global content. We typically see our content travel beyond the local handle it was created in and extend to many other markets. Often times the most viral content reaches global audiences and this update helps advertisers align with that content.

Ken Blom

SVP of Branded Content Distribution & Ad Operation at BuzzFeed


In-Stream Video Ads has changed how we work on Twitter daily, and now we are creating much more native video on the platform. Apart from monetizing our content, it's enabling us to reach new audiences that aren't connected with our Club. In-Stream Video Ads allows us to generate revenue, gain impact in new markets and increase our number of followers. It is also very significant that the monetized videos have a completion rate beyond the organic average.

Didac Lee

FC Barcelona Board Member, Digital



In-Stream Video ads are available in markets across the world

To get started monetising their global audience, publishers can reach out to their partner manager.


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