Canadian schools take to Twitter for back-to-school 2016

By Cam Gordon
Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Thousands of post-secondary students will return to Canadian classrooms this fall. Knowledge and information will be flowing across campuses and Twitter has become a key tool for institutions looking to keep students, faculty and partners informed and engaged.

There are 97 schools listed on the Universities Canada website and 99 per cent of these schools have an active Twitter account with many more affiliated accounts dedicated to individual programs, athletics and campus organizations.

Our team at Twitter Canada took a closer look at Canadian universities to see which were the most active and most engaged in how they harnessed the platform. All data was collected on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.

These are the Top 10 most followed universities in Canada with McGill University (@McGillU) in a strong lead position with 25 per cent more followers than the second-ranked school.

  1. McGill University (@McGillU)
  2. University of Waterloo (@Uwaterloo)
  3. Western University (@westernu)
  4. University of Alberta (@Ualberta)
  5. Concordia University (@Concordia)
  6. University of Calgary (@Ucalgary)
  7. Queen’s University (@queensu)
  8. McMaster University (@McMasterU)
  9. York University (@yorkuniversity)
  10. Ryerson University (@RyersonU)

We also took a look at the most followed schools by province.

  • Alberta: University of Alberta (@Ualberta)
  • British Columbia: University of British Columbia (@UBC)
  • Manitoba: University of Manitoba (@umanitoba)
  • New Brunswick: University of New Brunswick (@UNB)
  • Newfoundland: Memorial University (@MemorialU)
  • Nova Scotia: Dalhousie University (@Dalnews)
  • Ontario: University of Waterloo (@Uwaterloo)
  • Prince Edward Island: University of Prince Edward Island (@PEI)
  • Quebec: McGill University (@McGillU)
  • Saskatchewan: University of Saskatchewan (@usask)

Western University (@westernu) is the most active Twitter account amongst Canadian schools with 35,000+ Tweets sent, followed by Mount Royal University (@mountroyal4u) and Brock University (@BrockUniversity). Western also follows the most accounts on Twitter, followed by Brock and Quebec’s Université du Québec en Outaouais (@UQO).

Simon Fraser University was the first ever Canadian university on Twitter, a true early adopter having been on the platform since August 2007.

Thousands of university faculty and leaders across Canada also use Twitter on a regular basis. One example is Santa J. Ono (@ubcprez), the 15th President and Vice Chancellor of the University of British Columbia. President Ono regularly engages with @UBC students via Twitter and shares regular photo and video content to keep his followers informed of the latest news items.

Other key Canadian university leaders on Twitter include Dalhousie University’s Richard Florizone (@DalPres), Provost & Vice Chancellor of Trinity College, Mayo Moran (@MayoMoran) and the 14th Chancellor of Queen’s University, Jim Leech (@QUchancellor).

Follow this Twitter list for Tweets from top Canadian universities on Twitter and best of luck to all students and staff going to back school this fall.