Insights FONK is the new FOMO

New research from Twitter Canada shows that FOMO is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In its place, FONK (fear of not knowing) is on the rise.

Insights #StartWithThem: Defining what makes Twitter’s Canadian audience unique

Twitter continues to be where Canadians turn to find out and discuss what’s happening, in real-time, whether they’re interested in #onpoli, the #emmys, the latest #applevent, or #leafsnation. In fact,

Insights An inside look at customer care for Canadians on Twitter

Millions of Canadians turn to Twitter to connect with top brands. Here are some new insights that show how those conversations take place.

Insights Canadians are heading back to school with Twitter this fall

Students will be returning to Canadian classrooms in the coming weeks. During the school year and beyond, Twitter will be at the head of the class, providing real-time conversations and content.

Insights Neuroscience shows how Twitter enhances TV event viewing for Canadians

New Twitter Canada neurotechnology research shows the ways in which using Twitter while watching event on TV can enhance and enrich the experience.

Insights Moving at the speed of Millennials