Events Canadian search prompt launch & efforts to support Census conversations

Tips and tools for how Canadians can use Twitter to stay informed, engaged on the 2021 Canadian Census.

Insights How Canadian auto brands are turning to Twitter in 2021

Let’s take a look at how Canadians are talking auto on Twitter in recent months, top trends for 2021 and examples of how Canada’s auto sector is joining these conversations like never before.

Insights Inside the Canadian esports community on Twitter

Canadian Twitter conversations about esports have been on the rise in recent months. Here is a look at the homegrown teams, talent and trends who are leading the way circa 2021.

Events The new NHL season on Twitter: By the numbers

Here are the teams, talents & trends that will tell the story of the new NHL season for 2021.

Events #ThisHappened in Canada 2020

Here are the accounts, topics and trends that told Canada's story on Twitter in 2020.

Events Canada's most memorable Twitter brand campaigns of 2020

Here is a selection of the biggest, boldest and best Canadian brand campaigns we saw on Twitter in 2020.

Events Inside #AgTwitter and Canada’s #Harvest20 on Twitter

An inside look at the topics, trends and key voices that are shaping the voice of Canada's agricultural sector on Twitter in 2020 and beyond.

Events Introducing the 2020 Canadian Indigenous History Month Emoji

Celebrating National Indigenous History Month (#IndigenousHistoryMonth) each June on Twitter is an important tribute to the heritage and diversity of First Nation, Inuit, and Métis communities.

Events Celebrating Canadian tech leaders on International Women's Day 2020

Twitter Canada is shining a light on top leaders in the Canadian tech space for International Women’s Day 2020.

Insights Canada's most memorable Twitter brand campaigns of 2019

2019 was full of memorable Canadian brand campaigns that caught out our, made us laugh and made us think.

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