By the numbers: Twitter Canada at Dx3 2018


The Dx3 conference (@Dx3canada) is a calendar cornerstone for Toronto’s digital marketing, retail and advertising communities. 

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Twitter Canada was very much in the mix at Dx3 this year with our own Leanne Gibson (@leannekgibson) hosting a Twitter bootcamp for eager attendees. Here are five key takeaways that demonstrate how, and why, millions of Canadians turn to Twitter to find out #WhatsHappening in their world every day.

1. Canadian Twitter users are active Twitter users. VERY active!

More than 15 million Canadians use Twitter every month. That translates to 49.7% of Canada’s online population. Of this group, close to half (44%) check Twitter constantly, meaning they check in, consume and engage multiple times a day.

2. Night time is the right time (for Twitter)

While Twitter is popular with Canadians around the clock, it’s during the evening that’s proven to be the most popular time amongst  Canadian users. 46% of Canadians on Twitter say they use the platform regularly between the hours of 6:00pm and 9:00pm.

3. Upwardly mobile

Increasingly, more and more Canadians are using Twitter on their smartphones. 70% of Canadian users say they use Twitter on their phone, which is which is up from 59% in 2015.

4. Young, engaged and informed

The Canadian audience on Twitter is a premium one for our partners. Half of Canadian Twitter users are under 35. They are also 45% more likely to post opinions about brands and products than other social media users. This aligns well with the top reason that Canadians come to Twitter: to discover something new and interesting. Translated, the Canadian Twitter user is very much in the discovery mindset.

5. #1 is what’s happening!

Twitter is the #1 place to find out what’s happening in the world. 64% of Canadian millennials (18-35) use Twitter to find out about trending news. That’s significantly higher than any other platform.

For the latest updates on #WhatHappening on Twitter in 2018 and beyond, follow @TwitterCanada and make sure to check out the Twitter Marketing blog for more insights and brand case studies.

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