Author Handle: harday

Author Name: Will Hardy

Author Description: Entertainment Partnerships, Twitter UK

Author Handle: TwitterUK

Author Name: Twitter UK

Author Description: Twitter in the United Kingdom

Author Handle: DanBiddle

Author Name: Dan Biddle

Author Description: Director of Strategic Innovation, Twitter UK

Author Handle: nickpickles

Author Name: Nick Pickles

Author Description: Senior Public Policy Director

Author Handle: cairns

Author Name: Ian Cairns

Author Description: Product Manager, Twitter

Author Handle: iseeleia

Author Name: Leia Reid

Author Description: Data journalist, Brandwatch

Author Handle: BrendaOConnell

Author Name: Brenda O'Connell

Author Description: Business Development, Twitter EMEA

Author Handle: guysnir

Author Name: Guy Snir

Author Description: Product Management, Twitter

Author Handle: gordonmacmillan

Author Name: Gordon Macmillan

Author Description: Head of Editorial, Twitter EMEA

Author Handle: JoBurford_

Author Name: Jo Burford

Author Description: EMEA Community Manager, Niche

Author Handle: drwilding

Author Name: David Wilding

Author Description: Head of Planning

Author Handle: Damokieran

Author Name: Damien Kieran

Author Description: Data Protection Officer

Author Handle: DHicks

Author Name: Donald Hicks

Author Description: Vice President, Twitter Services

Author Handle: gasca

Author Name: David Gasca

Author Description: Director, Product Management, Health

Author Handle: karenwhite

Author Name: Karen White

Author Description: Director of Public Policy for Europe

Author Handle: alice

Author Name: Alice Berverton-Palmer

Author Description: Partnerships, Twitter UK

Author Handle: drwilding

Author Name: David Wilding

Author Description: Head of Planning, Twitter UK

Author Handle: Debbieoh_

Author Name: Debbie Osimen

Author Description: Video Specialist EMEA

Author Handle: santana

Author Name: Ivan Santana

Author Description: Group Product Manager, Twitter

Author Handle: ciar_ra

Author Name: Ciara Brady

Author Description: Content Strategy, Twitter EMEA

Author Handle: pooj_tanna

Author Name: Pooja Tanna

Author Description: Research Analyst

Author Handle: KBedders

Author Name: Katherine Bednarczyk

Author Description: Senior Business Marketing Manager, UK

Author Handle: LoobeyLoo

Author Name: Lucy O'Dwyer

Author Description: Head of Video Solutions & Sales Strategy for Twitter EMEA

Author Handle: JustineChalabi

Author Name: Justine Chalabi

Author Description: Creative Video Editor

Author Handle: James_Quilter

Author Name: James Quilter

Author Description: Editorial Marketing Manager

Author Handle: MarcoBilello

Author Name: Marco Bilello

Author Description: Communications Lead, Twitter UK

Author Handle: katyminshall

Author Name: Katy Minshall

Author Description: Head of Government, Public Policy and Philanthropy, Twitter UK

Author Handle: moni_natasha

Author Name: Monica Manoras

Author Description: Head of Account Sales, Twitter UK

Author Handle: AMHWGuk

Author Name: Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group

Author Description: Cross Government Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group