Smashing it on Twitter - July’s marketing highlights

By James Quilter
Sunday, 12 August 2018

Twitter is great for plugging into what is happening in the world. And if there is a theme behind this month's selection it is that brands can use this to create great engagement.

Many of our picks, from brands including @Tesco, @Samsung, and @NikeFootball, are built around events or happenings in the world.  

These were picked out by @MaximeDeNada from Twitter’s Brand Strategy team. 

Tesco launches Pride Chatbot

We love this DM Chatbot from @Tesco, but then we would as it was part-developed by our Brand Strategy team. 

The aim was simple. Tesco was a proud sponsor of the UK's Pride events and wanted to highlight this while providing help to carnival goers.

As a result, Tesco realised a DM Chatbot was the ideal solution. As well as highlighting Tesco's involvement, it allowed people to get important information such as where to get water. More importantly, it was localised for different Pride events outside the country. 

It shows how brands are finding different ways to use DM Chatbots, and how versatile they are. 

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Nike runs England kit promo

This is simply a great use of a Video Website Card. 

@NikeFootball ran this campaign during the World Cup with the card's link redirecting through to its online store selling England kit. 

This video quickly grabs the attention by featuring Harry Kane in the first few moments. Nicely shot, it is the perfect showcase for the kit and provides an easy link through to the sales site. 

It doesn't have to be complicated. 

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Apple's #BehindTheMac campaign

Twitter ads can be used around events, in isolation, or as part of a brand campaign. In this case, @Apple created a series of Sponsored Moments as part of its #BehindtheMac campaign, illustrating the different ways people use their Mac. 

This particular Moment focused on Peter, a web developer in Rwanda, who built a mobile app to help driver safety. @Apple told his story through a mixture of video, images and text.

We picked this out because it was a great use of a Moment, offering the users a more in-depth narrative about the overall campaign. 

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Samsung takes tactical opp

Few things divide the TV viewing public like Love Island. But even diehard critics (in the marketing space) would find it hard to knock this piece of tactical opportunism from @SamsungUK.

Simply put, it is a picture of two of the contestants together, shot on the Samsung Galaxy S9, with a simple line. Sometimes, it is all about timing.

The proof of its success was in the engagement. 2,800 Retweets and over 50,000 likes. Great use of a cultural trend, even if you didn't like Love Island. 

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Lucozade Sport also goes tactical

This activity from @LucozadeSport follows on nicely from the Samsung Love Island ad. One of Twitter's many strengths is it is the place to go to find out what is happening. 

Knowing this, if you are creating content about 'what is happening' then you are always going to be on safe ground. 

Here @LucozadeSport took two trends - England's run in the World Cup and the Summer heatwave - and combined them into one image. 

Cue tons of engagement in the form of 6,300 Retweets and over 27,000 likes. Another great combination of a simple idea with great timing. 

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McDonald's fake gherkin poll

No images, no video, just a couple of emojis. This fake poll from @McDonaldsUK shows how well it understands its brand and its customers. 

Who else would make fun of their own ingredients? 

It is easy to overlook at this sort of cheekiness. But it requires a great deal of confidence to pull it off. And pull it off @McDonaldsUK does with 10,000 likes and 1,400 Retweets. 

The only question is would a real poll have generated more interest? 



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NowTV and the Jeff Goldblum monument

Here is another example of a brand hitting the right moment. 

@NowTV celebrated 25 years since the premiere of Jurassic Park - is it really that long ago? - with this spoof Instream Video. 

For those that haven't seen it, the surprise is at the end. 

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