Running, tigers, and ice cream — 8 creative wins on Twitter

By James Quilter

Sharing and engagement are key metrics when it comes to brand activity on Twitter. But there are so many ways to achieve this. 

This is borne out by April’s list Twitter marketing highlights, which has been compiled with Ben Thomas of Twitter’s Brand Strategy team. 

Sometimes great marketing comes from great production (@Waitrose), other times integration of the Twitter UI with an external site (@AdidasFBallUS), or the slow burn build-up of a profile (@PeterW_1974). 

Read on for some new ways to help boost the numbers on your own campaigns.

VW partners with Niche

This campaign by @UKVolkswagen and Twitter subsidiary Niche highlights the timeless heritage of the VW Beetle and shows that a well-produced and simple 6-sec video can get you a long way. 

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Waitrose goes for recipes

Twitter is the idea place for recipes and many brands have been quick to recognise , especially @Tesco and @Sainsburys

But we loved this film by @Waitrose because it holds the eye. To do this it uses clever camera angles to create flowing movement to the recipe. By doing this, rather than showing ingredients into a falling into a pot, it held the attention. 

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Innocent flags up platform

It is unusual for a brand to reference the platform it is advertising on. But @Innocent has done just that. 

To do this it used a Video Website Card to promote its energy boosting range of drinks. It featured a simple line “Here’s to you, you Twitter-scrolling Tiger”. It fits neatly in line with ads on tube escalators etc. 

In doing so, it subtly added  in an element of personalisation but without the actual personalisation bit.  

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Buxton Water targets runners

@BuxtonWater they ran this activity to show support for runners. It used a 30-sec Video Website Card with an overlay. 

We thought this was an excellent way to build a community around the brand and collect likes for further conversations. 

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Nike's runs marathon challenge with Michael Dapaah

Keeping with the #LondonMarathon, #TheRundownInLondonTown was a collaboration between @NikeUK ambassadors @Mo_Farrah and comedian @MichaelDapaah

Dapaah challenged Farrah he could get a better London Marathon time. But while Farrah ran the actual race, Dappah ran it from a treadmill, which was broadcast in real-time via a Twitter Moment.

For the opening Tweet, Nike received over 6,000 likes and 1,200 Retweets. 

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20th Century Fox creates Deadpool2 account

We're never too sure when film characters are brought to life on Twitter. Usually, a dozen Tweets in, they just sit there unused and unloved. 

However, @PeterW_1974, a character played by Rob Delaney that appears in #Deadpool2, is a bit different. 


We loved the care that has been taken curating the Tweets and slowly building on the character. Take a look. 

Arguably a Tweet by Deadpool2 lead @VancityReynolds helped the account to 95k followers. But what happened first was a steady build-up of content so there was plenty to see when when Reynolds highlighted the account. 

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Adidas split-screen on mobile

Twitter is ideal for mobile. The same goes for this @AdidasFballUS Video Website Card. When activated, the screen switches into a split screen effect with the video at the top and the online store below. 

Hats off the web devs. Very clever. 

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Ben and Jerrys ice cream giveaway

How do you just pick up 60,000 likes? Easy, just offer free ice cream to Twitter users. No seriously, that is exactly what Unilever brand @BenandJerrrysUK did. 

This brand used a Website Card to offer people the chance of a free ice cream if they liked the Tweet. Each winning user was given a unique QR code in their Twitter image response - allowing for a highly personalised and scalable form of sampling all powered by Twitter.

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