Football, crisps, and life-saving advice - 7 creative wins on Twitter

By James Quilter
Wednesday, 13 June 2018

There were some great campaigns last month including Polls and Video Website Cards, with events like the Champions League Final providing an excellent backdrop for tactical activity. 

This month’s likes were put together by @MatthewGerrard from Twitter’s Brand Strategy team. It features some regular brands like @SkyBet and @WarnerBrosUK, as well as newcomers like @RNLI and @IrnBru


Let’s kick things off with this great World Cup campaign, which is part of a wider push designed to persuade UK footie fans to follow other teams from overseas. 

@SkyBet built a custom DM bot that asks people a range of questions in order to determine who their favourite overseas team might be. In our case it was Japan. 

It ends with a chance to click through and put a bet on your ‘new’ team. 

There were some great creative assets here - various pictures of Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling pop up with each question - and there is a great range of options to choose from. Give it a go! 

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Twitter’s strength as a mobile platform can help give your ad a different twist. This is very much the case with this Video Website Card from @Apple

Here, @Apple wanted to highlight its iPhone factories put out zero waste into the environment. For this, it used a Video Website Card showing one of its ads. 

When a mobile user clicks the link they were taken through to landing pages based around their phone. For example, Android users would see something based on the capabilities of the iPhone. 

Moreover, this also used the recently-introduced split-screen effect, allowing mobile users to watch the video while the page is loaded up. 

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BT Sport

The Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid saw a rush of marketing activity. 

It was difficult to pick out the best, but in our view, this one was as almost effective as Gareth Bale’s bicycle kick to the lead for Real Madrid. 

@BTSport created a series of video polls asking football fans to pick a player for the specific position. 

The centre-forward version alone scored around 8,000 votes, with Cristiano Ronaldo winning easily. 

It is worth remembering brands can retarget on the back of polls. So this is a great way to capture more data. 

If you are interested in promoted Polls, there is another great example further down the page. 

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Irn Bru

It is unlikely you will find a Scottish football team and the word ‘Champions League final’ in the same sentence. 

However, classic Scots brand @IrnBru had reason to celebrate last month as Scottish international @AndrewRobertso5 was in the Liverpool squad. 

This great bit of tactical advertising promised Roberts a lifetime supply of the soft drink. They even sent out a branded truck with his name on it. 

Unfortunately for @AndrewRobertso5 the result went the other way. 


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Warner Bros UK

It’s is not the first time we’ve picked out @WarnerBrosUK. As with the company’s Tomb Raider campaign, the company has made great use of Twitter’s Like button to remind people about an upcoming release. 

The Ocean’s 8 ad is a simple execution - a still from the film featuring cast members including Sandra Bullock and Rihanna. 

As the headline says, like the film and receive a notification when it is released. Perhaps @WarnerBrosUK will also follow up with a Website Card allowing users to buy tickets at their nearest cinema as it did with Tomb Raider. 

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Walkers Crisps

Remember we said there was another great example of Tweet using polls? Well, here it is. 

First off, this Video Website Poll from @Walkers_Crisps received nearly 120,000 votes. The idea was simple, ask people what flavour crisp they liked from decades past. 

The main asset was a 10-second video featuring three packets of crisps, and the poll. 

It received nearly 120,000 votes. Moreover, @Walkers_Crisps can now speak directly to those people again. 

Interestingly, despite the large number of votes poll received it had relatively few Retweets - 90. This proves what a subtle but effective medium polls can be. 

Coronation Chicken may have tasted great in the post-war 1950s, but our choice has to be BBQ Ribs. 

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Here’s a great Video Website Card from the @RNLI advising people what to do if they suddenly find themselves in extremely cold water. 

The 10-second video warns against the instinct to attempt to swim (often this will lead to drowning as if you haven’t had a chance to control your breathing). 

First, keep still and float to the surface. 

The Video Website Card links through to a landing page with a longer version of the video and a five-step process for surviving in cold water. 

Perhaps a suggestion for improvement would be to include each of these steps to the Video Website Card as threaded replies. 

But other than that it’s an excellent, and potentially lifesaving, example of Twitter Advertising. 

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