Introducing Periscope Producer

By Lewis Wiltshire
Thursday, 13 October 2016

Twitter today unveiled Periscope Producer, a new way for brands, media organizations and other live video creators to share high-quality, produced live video on Periscope and Twitter. By broadcasting live video with Periscope Producer, Twitter partners can broadcast higher-quality content through external cameras and software and support the engagement elements found on Periscope and Twitter with minimal setup.

“Allowing people to create and share produced live video on Periscope has always been part of our vision and opens up new types of content for everyone to watch live,” said Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of Periscope. “Periscope allows anyone to watch something with an audience, and now they’re able to watch daily shows, large and small-scale events and other live video with compelling content from creators they know and love. High-quality, produced live video can now be shared anywhere through a Tweet.”

Through professional-grade cameras and streaming software, partners can easily create and Tweet live video with higher production value than previously enabled on Periscope. Multiple partners, including The FA, Sky News, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Louis Vuitton, and Walt Disney Studios have already seen increased engagement and grown their audiences with produced live content on Periscope and Twitter.

The FA’s Senior Digital Producer, Jim Lucas, said “Using Periscope Producer has allowed us to introduce professional-quality live video into the portfolio of content offered via our Twitter account.

“One of the key aims of our Twitter strategy is to provide real-time coverage of big moments during England get-togethers, with live video an effective and engaging way of doing so.

“Using Periscope Producer during ahead of October’s games against Malta and Slovenia, we were able to broadcast six press conferences, two training sessions and a pre-match warm-up as well as showing the England squad arriving at Wembley Stadium. The ten broadcasts were watched by more than 200,000 viewers.

“Periscope Producer also allowed us to brand our broadcasts with the logo of Vauxhall, the England team sponsor. We hope that the product could offer future opportunities to other commercial partners to work with our live broadcasts.

“Crucially, the tool was easy to use and required minimal resources. Overall, we were extremely pleased with how Periscope Producer enhanced the content offering on England’s Twitter account and we look forward to developing our use of the tool going forward.”

Richard Evans, Head of Social Media at Sky News said “We were excited to be the first European news broadcaster to use Periscope Producer. Given the immediacy of the Twitter platform and Sky News’ reputation for delivering breaking news we feel like Periscope Producer offers a great opportunity to further grow our audience and deliver live video content as the news unfolds.”

The Producer feature on Periscope is available to select Twitter brand partners, media organizations and live video creators. Partners interested in setting this up can learn more by speaking with their Twitter representative.

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Lewis Wiltshire


Senior Director of Media Partnerships, Twitter

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