Company Updates on our response to blocking orders from the Indian Government

Following the reports of violence in New Delhi in recent weeks, we wanted to share a granular update on our proactive efforts to enforce our rules and defend our principles in India.

Company #BestOfTweets 2020: Brands that led the way on Twitter in India

The constraints of 2020 encouraged brands on Twitter to be more creative, thoughtful and personal than ever before. Let’s look back at the best campaigns on Twitter in India this year.

Company Our plans to relaunch verification and what’s next

This new policy will lay the foundation for defining what verification means, who is eligible for verification and more.

Events #ThisHappened2020: How India Stayed Connected, Informed and Entertained

2020 was a unique year for everyone, which means conversation on Twitter was unique too. Amidst the global pandemic, Indians took to Twitter to stay informed, connected and entertained, this happened-

Events IPL 2020: Chennai Super Kings become the most Tweeted about team

While cricket fans couldn’t be in the stadium or even the same room as their friends to watch the matches this year, the roar of cricket enthusiasts was just as resounding on Twitter.

Events Conversation Replay: Study reveals what brought joy to people in India

Let’s look back, relive and rejoice those little sources of joy in our everyday lives with Conversation Replay, a focus on top joyful conversations on the service around the same time last year.

Events #EachOneReachOne: Combatting COVID-19 with collective community efforts

The power of a uniquely open service during a public health emergency is clear. As the world navigates through COVID-19, we realise that our work at Twitter has never been more critical.

Company Ministry of Health and Family Welfare onboards Twitter Seva

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India recently onboarded Twitter Seva to help Indians with a speedy resolution to their health-related queries.

Company Best practices for journalists to effectively use Twitter amid crises

There has never been a more important time to support, enable and empower media in providing information to the readers and communities who need it.

Company Twitter India’s efforts to help you find credible COVID-19 information

In India, we are working with trusted partners, including the India public health authorities, organizations, and the Government to inform our approach. Here are the top-level updates around the work.

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