Customising and controlling your experience on Twitter

By Twitter India
Wednesday, 6 February 2019

At Twitter, we believe that free expression is a human right. Everyone has a voice, and the right to use it. We believe that everyone on Twitter should feel safe expressing their unique point of view with every Tweet – and it’s our job to make that happen.

To help keep you safe, we build tools so you can control what you see and who you interact with. Below are some tips for using these tools to customise your experience on Twitter:

Unfollow: If you want to stop seeing a particular account's Tweets in your home timeline, you can unfollow the account. You can still view the Tweets on an as-needed basis by visiting their profile, unless their Tweets are protected. Unfollowing someone doesn't stop them from being able to contact you, see your Tweets or follow you.

Block: You can restrict specific accounts from contacting you, seeing your Tweets, and following you by blocking them.

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Advanced Block: You can export your list of blocked accounts to share with another person and import someone else’s list of blocked accounts using the Advanced Block feature.

Mute: You can remove an account's Tweets from your timeline without unfollowing or blocking it. You can also use Advanced Mute for particular words, conversations, phrases, usernames, emojis, or hashtags.

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Disable Receive Direct Message setting: You can prevent accounts that you do not follow from DMing you by disabling the Receive Direct Message setting. It's important to note that disabling this setting does not stop accounts from with whom you have previously had conversations with and do not follow from messaging you.

Filtered notifications: You can apply different filters on the types of notifications you receive. Quality filter, when turned on, removes lower quality content from your notifications such as duplicate or potentially spammy Tweets. Mute Notifications allows you to mute phrases and words you'd like to avoid seeing in your notifications. Advanced Filters allows you to disable notifications from certain types of accounts or at certain time periods - for example if your account is receiving a lot of sudden attention.

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Protected Tweets: When you sign up for Twitter, your Tweets are public by default which means that anyone can view and interact with them. If you protect your Tweets, this will make your account private and other Twitter users will have to send you a request if they want to follow you. Accounts that began following you before you protected your Tweets will still be able to view and interact with your protected Tweets unless you block them.

Safe search: The Safe Search function removes potentially sensitive content by default as well as accounts people have blocked and muted from search pages.

Sensitive media: You can opt out of seeing certain imagery that may be sensitive. Twitter’s default setting is to place potential sensitive material behind a warning. This can be adjusted in settings.


For the information on the latest safety tools, resources and updates, follow ‎@TwitterSafety‎. For support, visit


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