Author Handle: ViralRJani

Author Name: Viral Jani

Author Description: Head of Entertainment Partnerships, Twitter

Author Handle: GeorgeSalama

Author Name: George Salama

Author Description: Head of Public Policy and Government Relations, Twitter, MENA

Author Handle: RFawakhiri

Author Name: Rasha Fawakhiri

Author Description: Comms, Twitter

Author Handle: kindaibrahim

Author Name: Kinda Ibrahim

Author Description: Head of Media Partnerships, Twitter, MENA

Author Handle: maladham

Author Name: Mo Al Adham

Author Description: Senior Product Manager, Revenue, Twitter

Author Handle: cairns

Author Name: Ian Cairns

Author Description: Product Manager, Twitter

Author Handle: s4l4x

Author Name: Alessandro Sabatelli

Author Description: Director AR & VR, Twitter

Author Handle: KiraOConnor

Author Name: Kira O'Connor

Author Description: Public Policy, Twitter

Author Handle: ColinCrowell

Author Name: Colin Crowell

Author Description: VP of Public Policy, Gov & Philanthropy, Twitter

Author Handle: agujral

Author Name: Arvinder Gujral

Author Description: Senior Director, Business Development, Twitter Asia Pacific

Author Handle: jer

Author Name: Jeremy Kessel

Author Description: Global Legal Policy Director, Twitter

Author Handle: aneeshmadani

Author Name: Aneesh Madani

Author Description: Head of Sports Partnerships, Twitter India and Southeast Asia

Author Handle: misskaul

Author Name: Mahima Kaul

Author Description: Head of Public Policy, Twitter India

Author Handle: taranjeet24

Author Name: Taranjeet Singh

Author Description: Business Head, Twitter India

Author Handle: keyamadhvani

Author Name: Keya Madhvani

Author Description: Head of Creator Partnerships, Twitter India

Author Handle: Raheelk

Author Name: Raheel Khursheed

Author Description: Head of News Partnerships, Twitter India and Southeast Asia