Events #SMTOWN_LIVE delivered a message of Hope... Generated 12 M Tweets!

On the first day of 2021, a special performance was live streaming on Twitter for people all around the world who have been experiencing a difficult time due to COVID-19.

Events Kicking off the new year with #NewYearNewList

Embracing 2021 with a strong note, we kick off #NewYearNewList campaign and partner with creators across Southeast Asia -Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand- in sharing their Twitter Lists

Events #2020MAMA drove 126M tweets and wowed global Kpop fans with Stanbot!

Twitter partnered with MAMA(Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS), the most iconic global K-pop awards shows, to bring K-Pop fans’ favorite artists closer to them than ever before.

#ThisHappened2020: Top moments across APAC

Twitter was the place where people in APAC came together to keep our sanity during quarantine and be forces of change. #ThisHappened on Twitter in 2020.

Twitter Insights: Retail Therapy during COVID-19 Lockdowns

Against the backdrop of social distancing and lockdowns, we’ve been crunching the numbers and analysing the data to see how shopping - for the brand, and the consumer - evolved in 2020, and where it m

Events #KAIROS | The first-ever #TwitterBlueroom LIVE with K-Drama, grabs 1.13M

Actors Sung-rok Shin, Se-young Lee, Bo-hyun Ahn, Gyu-ri Nam, and Seung-yoon Kang who appear in MBC’s new Monday and Tuesday mini-series #KAIROS visited #TwitterBlueroom to communicate with global fans

Events K-hiphop is trending now: the growth of Korean hiphop on Twitter!

With BTS (@BTS_twt) recently topping the Billboard ‘Hot 100’ Chart, the popularity of #Kpop as a global phenomenon is clear. In the wake of Kpop’s explosive growth, #Khiphop has emerged as a rapidly

Events Celebrating 10 years of #KpopTwitter

Calling all K-pop stans! Celebrate 10 years of #KpopTwitter in 20 markets worldwide.

Events #BTS_Dynamite ranks no. 1 on Billboard Hot 100... 46M Tweets in 3 Days!

The news of the global superstar BTS(@BTS_twt) making the number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with the digital single ‘Dynamite’ caused a sensation on Twitter.

Events #PENINSULA hold #TwitterBlueroom Live exclusively, prior to Worldwide Premier

The stars of the film #PENINSULA, Gang Dongwon and Lee Junghyun, as well as director Yeon Sangho, joined #TwitterBlueroom on July 9th. #PENINSULA was the first Korean movie (Kmovie) to communicate wit

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