Company Our new search prompt to help people find credible information about HIV

Twitter today launched another global expansion of our #ThereIsHelp notification service with a dedicated search prompt for HIV-related information across Asia Pacific and the Americas

Company Visualizing the global #ExtremeWeather conversation on Twitter

Twitter illustrates how data from the public conversation is vital during climate emergencies. As extreme weather unfolds across the globe, people come to Twitter before, during, and after these event

Company Fueling Singapore's post-pandemic growth and innovation

We're announcing a comprehensive suite of initiatives with the Government of Singapore to support the nation's growth ambitions towards digitalisation since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Company Serving the public conversation during the Singapore #GE2020

Read about our election integrity work and a look-back at moments that “warmed the cockles of our hearts”.

Company Singapore #GE2020 is happening on Twitter

Here's what people are talking about Singapore's 2020 General Election.

Company Our work to combat gender-based violence in Asia Pacific

Launching our #ThereIsHelp search prompt in fight against gender-based violence.

Company Recognizing World Press Freedom Day 2020 in Asia Pacific

We encouraged people to share their thanks for the work that journalists do, as well as highlight key pieces of journalism that have impacted their lives.

Events Supporting suicide prevention across the world

September 10 2019 is World Suicide Prevention Day & this year, Twitter is continuing our partnership with the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). We are launching a special emoji.

Events A reminder about spammy behaviour and platform manipulation on Twitter

Platform manipulation, including spam and other attempts to undermine the public conversation, is a violation of the Twitter Rules. We take the fight against this type of behavior seriously.

Events Media and information literacy best practices

Just because something is on the internet, doesn’t mean it is true. Read our latest post to see how we can all work together to help stop the spread of misinformation.

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