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Monrawee Ampolpittayanant


Head of Public Policy and Philanthropy, Southeast Asia

Company Twitter launches freedom of expression search prompt in Thailand

Twitter today announced the expansion of its #ThereIsHelp notification service with a new Freedom of Expression Search Prompt available in Thai language.

Company Our work to combat gender-based violence in Asia Pacific

Launching our #ThereIsHelp search prompt in fight against gender-based violence.

Company Using Twitter during #TaalEruption2020

With #TaalEruption2020 happening near Manila, Twitter is where you can go to find out #WhatsHappening real time. Here are some tips for using Twitter during the emergency situation.

Company Helping you find reliable public health information on Twitter

Twitter announce the launch of #KnowTheFacts in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Events Celebrating Thailand's National Day with Thai-themed emoji

Twitter launched Thai-themed emoji to celebrate Thai National Day.

Company Working together to prevent self-harm and suicide

As part of Twitter's work around World Mental Health Day, we are pleased to announce the launch of #ThereIsHelp notification service for suicide and self harm in Thailand and the Philippines.