Author Handle: arvindergujral

Author Name: Arvinder Gujral

Author Description: Managing Director, Southeast Asia

Author Handle: ayudh69

Author Name: Agung Yudha

Author Description: Head of Public Policy, Indonesia and Malaysia

Author Handle: ChenieYoon

Author Name: Chenie Yoon

Author Description: Head of Policy, Twitter Korea

Author Handle: yikwanchu

Author Name: Jun Chu

Author Description: Senior Public Policy Manager

Author Handle: TheNolja

Author Name: YeonJeong Kim

Author Description: Head of Global Kpop & K-content Partnerships, Twitter

Author Handle: ChristiFellowes

Author Name: Christine Fellowes

Author Description: Managing Director, NBCUniversal International Networks, Asia Pacific

Author Handle: kathleenreen

Author Name: Kathleen Reen

Author Description: Senior Director of Public Policy and Philanthropy, APAC

Author Handle: dwiadriansah

Author Name: Dwi Adriansah

Author Description: Country Industry Head, Indonesia

Author Handle: maya_hari

Author Name: Maya Hari

Author Description: Vice President, Asia Pacific, Twitter

Author Handle: TwitterPH

Author Name: Twitter Philippines

Author Description: Official account of Twitter Philippines

Author Handle: TheCarlitoWay

Author Name: Carl Cheng

Author Description: Head of Entertainment Partnerships, Southeast Asia & Greater China

Author Handle: Maurizio

Author Name: Maurizio Barbieri

Author Description: Head of Sports Partnerships, Southeast Asia

Author Handle: ‎Jay_Bavishi‎

Author Name: ‎Jay Bavishi‎

Author Description: Sports Partnerships, Twitter

Author Handle: estranges‎

Author Name: Elizabeth Stranges

Author Description: Sports Partnerships, Twitter

Author Handle: jesarshah

Author Name: Jesar Shah

Author Description: Product Manager

Author Handle: maya_hari

Author Name: Maya Hari

Author Description: VP, Asia Pacific

Author Handle: tranghoang

Author Name: Trang Hoang

Author Description: Business Marketing Lead, Southeast Asia

Author Handle: monraweea

Author Name: Monrawee Ampolpittayanant

Author Description: Public Policy Manager, Southeast Asia

Author Handle: martynuren

Author Name: Martyn U'ren

Author Description: Head of Research, APAC

Author Handle: michaelmontano

Author Name: Michael Montano

Author Description: Global Head of Engineering

Author Handle: a4anga

Author Name: Amanda Ang

Author Description: Public Policy, APAC

Author Handle: larryloh

Author Name: Larry Loh

Author Description: Head of Communications, APAC