Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020 in Asia Pacific

By Amanda Ang

International Women’s Day (#IWD2020) falls on 8 March 2020. The theme this year is #EachforEqual. While we celebrate the great strides that have been made in the fight for equality, it is also an opportunity for us to reflect on how we can help create a more equal world. 

To support this goal and in honor of #IWD2020, we are partnering with @UN_Women to launch a special emoji that is activated with the hashtags such as #IWD2020, #EveryWoman, #WomensDay and #GenerationEquality. The hashtags are available in 24 languages, including:

Twitter believes the voice of #EveryWoman should be heard. There have been 125 million Tweets about feminism and equality over the past three years, and we encourage everyone to use the hashtags and join in the conversations around this important celebration.

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Empowering women and girls requires a collective effort — which is why we’ve double-downed on our partnerships with women’s rights organisations across the region to participate in #IWD. Throughout March, we will be doing a series of activities across Asia Pacific as part of our #IWD2020 celebration. We are also providing Ads for Good grants to our nonprofit partners to promote their efforts to achieving gender equality. 

From training and workshops for women organisations to live interviews with women leaders on Twitter; inspiring women across the region will share their journey about how they fight the challenges they face, develop within the areas of their expertise, while also encouraging other women to be the best that they can be. See what we’re doing across Asia Pacific (APAC) in the infographic below:

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This year, Twitter also launched its first #CampaignsforChange event in APAC.  #CampaignsforChange is an extension of Twitter’s Ads for Good initiative, where we provide both selected nonprofit partners with a total of USD $200,000 Ads for Good grant as well as campaign strategy support. To honour the powerful voices and movements speaking up for women’s rights, we made a decision to focus our first #CampaignsforChange on women’s empowerment. 

Over the past 3 months, we have been working with two Korean women’s rights organisations and one Indonesian nonprofit organisation to develop and launch campaigns that will drive impact around gender equality. A two-day workshop was held in December 2019 at Twitter’s APAC HQ in Singapore to empower our nonprofit partners to work directly with Tweeps from different teams across the region to create a campaign strategy that would amplify their work on women’s empowerment. At the same time, the workshop gave our partners an opportunity to interact with like-minded activists from across the region, share their experiences, and provide relevant recommendations to enhance each others’ campaigns.


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Today, we’re pleased to announce the three #CampaignsforChange activations happening in APAC:

Korea Women’s Hotline - Raising Awareness on Domestic Violence and Discrimination in Korea

@KWHotline is a Korean organisation that protects women and girls from domestic abuse, sexual violence, human trafficking and supports migrant women across the country. It is the first women’s group to provide counselling services to women exposed to domestic or sexual abuse in Korea since its establishment in 1987. The organisation also runs a shelter to support these victims. 

#딸들에게장미를 (#RosestoGirls) was launched to enocurage donations and support for women and girls experiencing domestic violence and discrimination. This #IWD, @KWHotline will also be asking women on Twitter to share their experiences around domestic violence and discrimination. Those who speak up will receive an auto-response that provides them with helpful resources and encourages them to seek help if necessary. 

Korea Women’s Associations United - Promoting Gender Equality in Government

@KWAU38 is a Korean umbrella organisation established in 1987 comprising 28 women’s rights organisations across the country. Their aim is to end gender-based violence and discrimination against women by ensuring women are well-represented in politics and public institutions. @KWAU38’s key projects include helping women activists hone their communications and leadership skills and providing feedback to ensure government policies and regulations promote gender equality.

As the Korean Legislative Elections draw closer, @KWAU38’s campaign seeks to remind voters of the importance of a gender equal government. @KWAU challenges voters to reflect on both the lack of female representation in leadership positions at their workplace, as well as in government. Voters are invited to share their feelings around this and think about how they can improve the representation of women at every level.

BASABali - #BeTheHero

@BASABali is an Indonesian nonprofit organisation, based in Bali, that strives to encourage people to value Balinese using a modern female Balinese superhero character. Luh Ayu Manik Mas uses Twitter to inspire and empower Indonesian female youth, while sharing her Balinese culture with others. @BASABali aims to leverage technology to keep Balinese language relevant, while promoting women’s rights within wider Indonesian society. 

#BeTheHero’s aim is to promote Luh Ayu Manik Mas to the Twitterverse and use her character to inspire Indonesian young women to do their part to save the environment. Throughout the campaign, people on Twitter are invited to engage with Luh Ayu Manik Mas to unlock her superpowers and in doing so, lend their powerful voices to global environmental issues. 

Every day people come to Twitter to find out what’s happening. Women all around the world utilise the service to share and inspire each other. We look forward to working with like-minded individuals and organisations around the region to strengthen and empower these powerful voices and movements. Together we can work towards greater gender equality around the world.


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Amanda Ang


Head of Public Policy, Singapore

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