Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Here at Twitter Support, we’re always looking for ways to help people better understand and find value on Twitter. Our few dozen support agents, including myself, work daily with Twitter’s user-base to help enhance and improve their experience of the site. “Twitter Tips” – a series of blog posts aimed at helping you get the most out of Twitter – is an extension of that effort. We’ll explain features that average Twitterers may not know about and open doors to discovery on our site. Through these tips, we hope to enhance your experience of our product. Here it goes!

Tip #1: Browse accounts by interest to quickly discover and follow meaningful sources.
People and sources you care about are on Twitter – you just have to find them. Not always as easy as it seems? Twitter’s got several tools that can help. One that we think everyone can appreciate is the lists of suggested users by topic.

Let’s say this guy we know named Mark joins Twitter so he can get a quick snapshot of the news each day. To immediately find some of the top news sources on Twitter, he clicks the “Browse Interests” link below his “Who to Follow” suggestions, and is presented with a list of categories. By selecting “News,” he quickly finds and follows @TheEconomist, @kingsthings (Larry King), and the New York Times’ photography account @nytimesphoto. He’s off to a great start, and right away his home timeline begins to fill up with links to news articles, photos of the day, and more. Mission accomplished!

To browse lists of accounts related to your interests, just look for the “Browse interests” button on your new Twitter homepage. Follow whomever strikes your fancy because, awesomely, you can always unfollow them later if it turns out they’re not tweeting what you expected.