Larger and more flexible previews

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Many Twitter users take advantage of embedded media to create powerful and engaging Tweets, and TweetDeck has an option to view these media in-line. Today, we bring you an upgrade to introduce larger and more flexible previews to make your media shine.

Media previews on TweetDeck used to appear as small thumbnails that you could turn on and off from the settings panel. Now, we offer previews in three sizes - small, medium and large - along with an option to turn them on or off for each column. TweetDeck will display medium size previews by default with the following exceptions:

  • Large previews - for columns filtered to show tweets with media
  • Small previews - for interactions and replies
  • In-line previews are not available for direct messages

Larger and more flexible previews

You will see these changes coming to TweetDeck web and Chrome today, with Mac and Windows updates following soon. If you previously turned media previews off, you will have the option to turn them on again per column.

Try this: Add a search column for your favorite event, city or topic with a filter to only show tweets with media. To view popular content, add an engagement filter to only show tweets that have at least 25 or 50 favorites.