TV conversation targeting expands around the world

Thursday, 24 April 2014

In November, we launched TV conversation targeting in the US and UK, with the promise of a global rollout. Today, we’re announcing a significant expansion of this effort.

Starting immediately, all Twitter advertisers can reach Twitter users engaged with TV in Brazil, Canada, France and Spain. Additionally, we are beginning active beta testing for TV conversation targeting in Argentina, Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan and Mexico, with tests in Austria and Ireland starting in the coming weeks.

TV conversation targeting expands around the world

As we’ve seen with events like the Oscars, March Madness or the State of the Union, Twitter is where people come to talk about live television. But the conversation about TV on Twitter doesn’t occur only during annual tentpole TV events; millions of people around the globe use Twitter every day to discuss, react to, participate with, and enjoy TV together.

Today’s expansion of TV targeting makes it easier than ever for Twitter advertisers to participate in the global conversation about TV. With just a few clicks, TV networks and brands can reach the 150,000 Twitter users engaged with “Tu Cara Me Suena” in Spain, the 290,000 users tweeting about “The Voice: la plus belle voix” in France, and the 800,000 Twitter users who engaged with the recent “Big Brother Brasil” finale. And, of course, in the coming weeks, there will be tens of millions of people around the globe engaged in an active, dynamic conversation on Twitter as the 2014 FIFA World Cup unfolds.

TV conversation targeting expands around the world

We see all kinds of brands use TV conversation targeting to build on and extend their TV strategies on Twitter. In a recent campaign, Toyota Canada aligned its efforts with Super Bowl XLVIII, using TV conversation targeting to promote Tweets to fans before, during and after the game.

The result? Toyota’s Promoted Tweets saw an average engagement rate of 4% — 50% higher than the average engagement rate for the auto category in 2013 — with some Tweets clocking in above 11%. In the process, Toyota became the most-followed Canadian auto brand, and their branded hashtag #KnowMore became a national trending topic.

Across the board, we see that when advertisers coordinate their TV and Twitter strategies, users respond. In fact, a recent study we conducted with @The_ARF and @FOXTV showed that more than 92% of Twitter users exposed to TV or brand mentions in Tweets have taken action: driving TV tune-in, generating website visits, and increasing brand consideration.

With this in mind, we will continue to build solutions that improve and enhance the connections between TV x Twitter for our users, TV network partners and for brands on the platform.

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