Insights #KpopTwitter reaches new heights with 7.8 billion global Tweets

With a massive 7.8 billion global Tweets in 2021, #KpopTwitter once again showed its power by breaking its previous record of 6.7 billion Tweets in 2020.

Insights Twitter insights: #BeyondKpop from music to drama, webtoon, and movies

#SquidGame is making record history, generating about 29M Tweets globally since it premiered on Netflix on September 17. Before #SquidGame, we saw many other K-content conversations on Twitter.

Insights K-pop sets another record on Twitter with 7.5 billion Tweets in a year

K-pop continues to dominate the conversation on Twitter globally, even during unprecedented times.

Insights #KpopTwitter achieves new record of 6.7 billion Tweets globally in 2020

While 2020 changed the way that we enjoy entertainment, K-pop continued to be a worldwide phenomenon on Twitter and is one of the most global communities today.

Insights Celebrating 10 years of #KpopTwitter

Calling all K-pop stans! Celebrate 10 years of #KpopTwitter in 20 markets worldwide.

Events #KpopTwitter rises to the top with 6.1 billion global Tweets in 2019

With an amazing record of 6.1 billion Tweets in 2019, which was 15% higher than 2018, Twitter shows that it is the best place to find out what’s happening with all things Kpop.