Company An update on Twitter Transparency Reporting

As we review our approach to transparency reporting in light of innovations in content moderation and changes in the regulatory landscape, we believe it’s important to share data from H1 2022 on our h

Company A new era of transparency for Twitter

At Twitter 2.0, we believe that we have a responsibility, as the town square of the internet, to make our platform transparent. So today we are taking the first step in a new era of transparency.

Product An update on two-factor authentication using SMS on Twitter

An update on two-factor authentication using SMS on Twitter

Company Twitter 2.0: Our continued commitment to the public conversation

Twitter’s mission is to promote and protect the public conversation–to be the town square of the internet. For many years, we’ve said that we want to give everyone the power to create and share ideas

Insights A meme is born: How people are taking mixed media viral on Twitter

Immediately after we announced the global release of mixed media, people on Twitter found ways to make it go viral. Here’s how.

Company When natural disasters happen, Twitter can be used to help. Here’s how

Here are some global examples of how Twitter can be used as a helpful communication tool for responding to natural disasters.

Product Introducing mixed media: Videos, images, and GIFs together in one Tweet

Now everyone can mix and match up to four pieces of content including videos, images, and GIFs together in a single Tweet.

Product New video products make it easier to watch what’s happening on Twitter

We’re rolling out two new video updates starting today to help make it easier to find and watch what’s happening on Twitter.

Product How recommendations help you discover more on Twitter

Recommendations are designed to enrich your Twitter experience, and the more you know about them, the better they can be.

Insights Moments that defined a record-breaking summer on Twitter

Check out a few of the moments from around the world that helped define the record-breaking summer of 2022 on Twitter.

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