Company Updating our advertising policies on state media

Today, we are updating our advertising policies with respect to state media. Going forward, we will not accept advertising from state-controlled news media entities.

Company Information operations directed at Hong Kong

We are disclosing a significant state-backed information operation focused on the situation in Hong Kong, specifically the protest movement and their calls for political change.

Insights Guest Post: Emily Drewry discusses Forbes’ data-driven Twitter strategy

An inside look at Forbes’ approach to creating engaging content and developing a global social media management strategy by leveraging Twitter insights.

Insights Are marketers missing customer signals on social?

Diana Helander, head of marketing for Twitter’s Developer Platform, chatted with podcast Marketing Disrupted, hosted by Accenture, about innovative ways brands use Twitter data and social listening to

Events Twitter reveals first ever Women’s World Cup #GoldenTweet award winners

Today the global #GoldenTweet Awards will be awarded to the best content on Twitter from the fans, players and commentators that participated in the #FIFAWWC conversation.

Product Introducing a new

Today, we are starting to roll out a new – a refreshed and updated website that is faster, easier to navigate and more personalized.

Product Giving you more control over your conversations

We're testing a feature in Canada to give you more control over your conversation

Insights Guest post: Taking the high road: The power of purpose-driven stances

Trying to insert your brand into a culture moment while being sensitive to polarizing points of view is no easy task. But by taking purpose-driven stances, brands can offer strength and steadiness dur

Company Introducing the Twitter Engineering Apprenticeship Program

As we look to make our company reflect the diverse voices that come to Twitter every day, we are excited to announce the launch of the Twitter Engineering Apprenticeship Program.

Insights The secret language of fans

The secret language of fans: How brands tap Into #Fandom culture on Twitter

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